Intercultural Competence

This manual is a guideline for multipliers, a manual in which practical suggestions are given for the design of intercultural training courses.
Based upon this maual, trainers can develop their own concepts and compile their own individual programs. With many checklists, case studies and overhead master-foils.

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What is culture? What is management? What is intercultural management and how does one acquire diversity competence?

In the last ten years, the number of the people participating in the global economy has increased rapidly from one million to about five million. They do business; they trade; they travel locally, regionally and internationally and they have to cooperate and get on with each other. Economic processes are driven by people of differing cultural identities, with diverse talents and competencies and with individual desires and interests.

These people have to communicate and cooperate with others on the other side of cultural boundaries. It is an encouragement as well as a changing stimulus of the individual´s own cultural character and a challenge for all who want to be successful in their international relationships. This is not easy to accomplish without cultural competence.

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UntertitelManaging Cultural Diversity
AutorBerninghausen, Jutta; Hecht-El Minshawi, Béatrice
Ausgabe4. Auflage
HerausgeberHochschule Bremen
ISBN (E-Book)(pdf) 978-3-939928-24-9 / 978-3-939928-58-5
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